Monday, October 10, 2005

A few online marketing hints for oriental rugs

The first step of online marketing of oriental rugs is starting an online rug / carpet store. Most of the companies spend their efforts, time and money at this first step.

Once you got your online rug store (see an example) then there are other critical things to be done. Most of the rug sellers ends up frustrated as they see that they can't generate online business after spending valuable resources to build a web site. And they do not have the motivation and sometimes resources to take the second round of the online marketing battle.

Starting an online rug store can be done instantly at And rug sellers can focus on the next steps of the online marketing battle.

Here are a few essential next steps:

Generate Content:
You have to generate quality content. This means your web site should grow and building your web site is a continuous effort.(We will give rug sellers tools to generate content with minimum efforts with's next versions)

Increase your online rug store's exposure with registering your website:
Register your online store with search engines, directories, industry specific web link aggregators, online product listing services and etc.

Publish anchor advertisements to generic marketplaces with high traffic:
Drive visitors to your online rug store from high traffic market places. E-bay is a good example for that. It's chaotic. Thousands of products and sellers under each category, and millions of buyers. Instead of striving to sell on e-bay you should aim driving traffic to your online rug store from e-bay.

This can be done with anchor advertising. Publish rugs on E-bay and think of them as advertisements. (Be sure to publish rugs matching your target market. And consider search/sort options and design your anchor advertisements accordingly. After all, when it comes to Internet, it is all a matter of where you are in the search results. Your location is dynamic -not static as outernet- but you can/should target and focus to be at a specific location.

Build sales alliances and increase your sales force:
Share your product information with other online rug stores and sell at multiple stores. Replace inventory with information! (Actually this will require a costly software development. It is currently a part of SmartChann software and we will make it a part of membership in our future releases.)

Above are only a few of many tasks to be completed. And you shouldn’t forget that the laws of marketing works on the Internet as well;-)

Product definition standards for oriental rugs on the internet.

Representing product information on the internet becomes more standardized in variety of industries day by day.
Major factors driving this trend are as follows:
. Distribute and share product information over the Internet easier and with lower cost
. Exchange information between web sites, companies, different business applications
. Using standard search parameters
. Offer product comparison
. Be able to develop software for new services based on a common product information representation

STEPml - A standard for product data representation on the Internet explains the details. There is a need to generate a schema for rugs based on STEPml and we will provide one (for oreintal rugs) with Version 3.0.

We will be able to exchange product information with other oriental rug web sites based on this schema.